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Our Expertise

Global IT Program Management, IT Project Management, IT operation Management
Cloud Data Center Migration 
  • AWS Data Center Migration 

  • Physical Data Center Build 

  • Azure Subscription portal Design 

  • IaaS, PaaS & SaaS Design & Implementation

  • Large Data Sync, Data Validation, Encryption & access 

  • Data Center Commissioning  

  • DNS : Dynamic Network 

  • CorpNet - FacNet - MPOEs, MDF, 

  • IT & Facility Security Design & Policy

  • DC Operation SLA - SLO 


IT Infrastructure 
Application Development 
  • IT Construction ( Data Centers ) 

  • Expansion and upgrade of current IT infrastructure

  • Cross functional planning between various tool/platforms to optimize environments

  • Excellent client management

  • IBM-HP Mid Range Servers implementation 

  • CISCO, FireWall, Proxy, DMZ, LoadBlanncer Hardare upgrade

  • IT Infrastructure Project Managment ( IBM, HP Servers, CISCO, MITEL, Dell Devices, MPLS, LAN/WAN, CLOUD, VMware

  • -SQL, Oracle, .NET Full SDLC Application Development for large production environment

  • New Product releases based on Agile / Scrum

  • JIRA ,Confluence , in Cloud SaaS

  • CMMI Level 3 compliance 

  • AWS Cloud QA App. Development platform

  • Application QA and Test Validation 

  • Test Cases and Test Lead.

Operation Management (ITIL)
  • Call Center Management

  • IT Operation Outsourcing

  • SLA/SLO  QA Establishment

  • Vendor Management at global level

  • IT Asset Management

  • Regulatory Audit Compliance

  • Apply ITIL and ITSM  frameworks for overall IT operational support

  • Establish PMO Office or Improve the exisiting PMO office to renforce effective cross functional work, project document reposetory and project cycle guildines based on PMBok



Cybersecurity, IT Security 
  • WAN/LAN IT Security  - PCI Compliance

  • SPLUNK Security Monitoring

  • VPN Multilayer design - Fortinet

  • Web Cybersecurity Strategy and Monitoring 

  • Firewall, CISCO Cluster switch, Routers, 

  • IT Security Service  Management 


Salesforce, Servicenow Platforms
  • Managing the overall program's main objectives, financial report

  • Program escalation management

  • Managing and mentoring projects managers of the programs

  • client relationship and account management

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